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Cleaning Tip using Alta Organic Enzyme Cleaner /// Kitchen Degreaser - dilute 1 part Alta into 3 parts of tap water...

Did you know that Dishwashing Liquid can help you trap and kill fruit flies? // Add three drops of dish soap to a bowl of vinegar (which attracts the little buggers). The detergent will cut surface tension, so the flies will sink and drown....

Did you know that Bleach can keep your fresh cut flowers alive? // If you don’t have a green thumb, you can use bleach to keep fresh cut flowers alive. Re-cut the stems on a diagonal, then keep them in cold water with a quarter teaspoon (1.25 milli...


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    My second time to order! Cleans really well! It removes the wiwi smell quickly. Our dog pees on the tray but with a few splashes sometimes on the floor. We just pray the enzyme cleaner on a paper towel then wipe the floor. Recommended this to a dog group on facebook.

    -uhmey26 on Alta Organic Enzyme Cleaner (Shopee)

    Items were packed together in a reasonable and convenient way. The liquid inside is actually thick. Good value for money. Thank you

    amorphousgirl on Maxx Wash Liquid Hand Soap (Shopee)

    Seller was very accomodating and responsive, provided photos before shipping and items were packaged perfectly.

    alvinb06 on Toilet Plunger (Shopee)