To provide products, services, and business opportunities to clients, employees, and partners through various business programs available.


To be an agent of transformational change for Filipinos financially and socially through business opportunites we provide


Commitment to our Vision, Mission and Values.

I ntegrity at all times even during pressing and stressing moments.What we say is what we do.

T eamwork at all times even during pressing and stressing moments.

E xcellence is what we should strive for and not "pwede na yan" attitude.

D isipline is doing what is correct as started in our rules and regulations, duties, and responsibilities and commitment.


Start and grow your own business:

  • Using our Fast moving essential cleaning solutions.
  • Set up your own refilling station
    The dealership/reseller program is easy and convenient.
    Check out below the requirements needed to avail.
  • An individual can apply to become a dealer/reseller
  • Accomplish dealership FORM and submit to (Manos email)
  • A start up purchase worth P2,000.00 for Reseller package and P10,000.00 for Distributors package of Manos products.
  • And you can enjoy BIG discount from Manos One Stop Shop.