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About Us

Established in November 2004, primarily with an objective to be one of the leading Manpower Services Company and a strategic partner in business known for its distinctive service. The company has since embarked on other innovative services like Event Management, Marketing activations, supplying of Promotional Giveaways and other event materials. We have a goal of uplifting and maintaining good relationships with our business partners by providing full service in relation to their marketing thrust.

Manos Allied Services Corporation strives to understand and meet the market's changing needs and requirements. We work hard to serve our valued clients well and devote all necessary resources to help achieve their goals and develop new opportunities in order to compete aggressively in the industry. Through the years we have recruited, trained, and developed a pool of manpower personnel necessary for various projects in partnership with the host client.

Backed by our unrivaled management support, proven track record, access to innovative trading tools and an expertise that thrives on the know-how of the industry, our clients can be assured of professional, reliable service and utmost satisfaction.

Despite the company's continued growth and success, we at Manos Allied Services Corporation continue to strive for perfection in everything we do, and commit ourselves to help our clients to meet and even exceed their specific objectives and the changing demands of today's highly competitive marketplace.


Manos Allied Services as renowned in providing outstanding and reliable sub-contracting services, and the number one company of choice for client-partners, employees, and investors.


Manos Allied Services builds strong partnerships with clients by ensuring reliability and complete satisfaction in our products, services, and solutions. In so doing, we provide excellent opportunities for development, empowerment, and success for our people, client-partners, and share-holders.


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